SR868 - 868 Smart Relais


Der neue kabellose SALUS SR868 Wireless Relay ist die neueste Ergänzung der SALUS Produktpalette. Erhältich als Einzeleinheit oder komplett mit Raumthermostat ist er die ideale Lösung für alle Benutzer von elektrischen Heizgeräten.


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Features Benefits
Industry leading 16A max current Can safely control a wider range of hardwired electrical heaters
Wireless communication Simple and quick to install with no wires
Pre-paired Thermostat and relays Quick and simple to setup
Clear and Easy to use       Provides simple control of electrical heating suitable for all users
Frost Protection and Sleep Modes Added pre-set modes to save configuration time
Compact Size Fits in even the smallest electrical wallboxes, for neat installation


Relay 230V / 50Hz
Max Current 16 (5) A
Wireless Commmunication Frequency 868Mhz
IP Rating IP30
Relay Dimensions 44.9×44.9×26 mm (LxWxD)